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ABC Lawyers Ltd purchased SellMyTimeshare.tv on 1st February 2017.

ABC Lawyers' motivation to purchase SellMyTimeshare.tv was fuelled by the recent Supreme Court rulings against timeshare contracts that have been sold. SellMyTimeshare.tv has seen the resale market fluctuate over the years, but historically, there have always been more sellers to buyers in the market place.

SellMyTimeshare.tv will continue its ongoing hard work at aiding timeshare owners to find buyers for their ownerships, however, now owned by Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL, SellMyTimeshare.tv will also have the added benefit of being able to recommend other Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL’s brands, such as Timeshare Compensation.

Compensation is now being awarded daily to current and ex-timeshare owners where their purchase is deemed to be illegal.

Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL has also taken over Timeshare.lawyer, specialists in timeshare release, contract advice and relinquishment. This service is on an invitation basis only, once a client has exhausted other possibilities with their timeshare.

Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL prides itself on bringing the best advice and services to the timeshare consumer, under one umbrella.  We are NOT solicitors.

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Our dedicated teams are here to help you. They can advise on which of our four Timeshare Advice Centres would best suit your needs and give you ideas of other activities available in these destinations so you can also make the most of your time.




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