What our Customers Say

Mr & Mrs Scott

12.07.2017. "It’s been alright today, everything has been explained, and it’s not been pressurized. It’s just advice, so that’s all ok. I am glad you have explained all the legal terms."

Mr Simpson

25-07-2017 "I called a few years ago, for information really.  At that time, I decided not to make an appointment. On my request, I have received a call from Savannah every year, until this year, when I thought it would be the right time to come to York. She has been so patient each time, and everyone else I have seen, or spoken to, has been the same. So professional. Neither I, nor the family, use the timeshare anymore, and the maintenance is just increasing, I am paying not to use it. After speaking with David, things have been put in perspective regarding the future of my maintenance payments, and how things have changed. I am glad the perseverance of a yearly call has prevailed."

Mr & Mrs Hobbins

03.07.2017 "We were actually referred to SellMyTimeshare.tv by an adviser from a company in Manchester. As they don’t deal with timeshare exits he recommended SellMyTimeshare.tv, saying they were the best company in their field to help us legally exit our timeshare ownership."

Mr Crossan & Mrs Bruns

11.07.2017 "To be honest with you, we just wanted to get out of the timeshare, we have wanted to for years. We approached the resort for help and they told us if we bought another pack we could be out of it in 3 years, that wasn’t actually the case, and we still own it. We are happy that we now know that we have not left this to the kids."

Mr & Mrs Young

11.07.2017 "I have been very nervous about coming today, and about being scammed, as it’s hard to know who you can trust, but our meeting with Karen was brilliant, and she certainly knows what she is talking about."

Mr Clark

08-06-2017 "Tom was good, a very likeable guy. We had a laugh, and he explained everything very well. He knows what he is talking about, and he convinced me this was right for me. Very helpful."

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