What our Customers Say

Mr Slyde & Ms Green

"I saw an advert in the telegraph and contacted ABC, because we were paying for our timeshare and there was never any availability when we wanted to use it plus when we did, there were more and more non-owners using the resorts and paying less than we did for our maintenance.  The fact that when we found out that my family would be held responsible after we weren’t here anymore made our mind up to get rid. It was slow to begin with, but I have to say once it got moving it went very quickly.  The service has been excellent.  The staff have always been friendly and helpful, and , if ever asked I would definitely recommend them."

Mr & Mrs Eastwood

28.09.2017 "We were sceptical when we came here today because of what has happened in the past, but now having spent time with Lisa, as well as speaking to the girls on the phone, we are extremely glad that we did."

Mr & Mrs McInally

14-09-2017.  "The timeshare has caused us nothing but ill health with the sheer worry of it all, including a heart attack. We haven’t been able to get exchanges for years and we have been conned before, trying to get out of it almost cost us our marriage."

Mr & Mrs Staff

13-09-2017. "Our sister found the advert for Sell My Timeshare in the Daily Telegraph, and knew we weren’t happy with the timeshare. We have only had it a year, and already it isn’t what we were led to believe it was, and also, we have had unexpected financial and personal changes to our lives. It hasn’t even been easy to use!All of the staff we have encountered have been really friendly, and we are very happy with the way things have been explained to us. We have a clear picture of exactly what we can expect to happen."

Mr & Mrs Rowley

10.08.2017 "The conversation was smooth and flowing, it is just taking it all in. We are happy with everything we have heard today."

Mr & Mrs Scott

12.07.2017. "It’s been alright today, everything has been explained, and it’s not been pressurized. It’s just advice, so that’s all ok. I am glad you have explained all the legal terms."

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