What our Customers Say

Mr Whalley

14.06.17 "I bought the timeshare on my own, so was in bother for that, to start with. That aside, we have had enough of the timeshare as the fees are rising, and the standards are getting lower. In our eyes, we do not have what we bought originally, and Malta is a small country, so we have done everything there is to do. David makes a lovely cuppa, and made us feel so welcome. He explained everything professionally, but in a way we understood. From the first call to the meeting, we have been fully aware of everything and how things will go. Happy to find someone to help."

Mr & Mrs Cowl

22.05.2017"I never really wanted the timeshares. I ended up with the weeks due to circumstances from a former marriage.We can never seem to get any exchanges to the places we want as they are always fully booked, yet if we look online on Booking.com the resorts seem to be available.  We did pay and do an exchange for our family to use, and they had a nightmare.  The resort was that bad they left and paid to check into a different hotel.  We heard about SellMyTimeshare.tv last year and felt they could help us. As we were coming to Tenerife on holiday we made an appointment to see an Advisor."

Mr & Mrs Wadsworth

"I saw the advert in” Yours” magazine and called for some advice.  After having a chat SellMyTimeshare.tv we booked our accommodation and made an appointment for our meeting with an Advisor. We had been wondering for quite a while what to do with our timeshare as the maintenance fees have become so expensive and we don’t want our family to possibly end up with the responsibility, but more importantly having much more flexibility to book holidays online.  Also we won’t have to book so far in advance and can go where we choose."

Mr & Mrs Barlow

12.05.2017. "Due to health reasons, we have tried to sell our timeshare but the company we dealt with wanted money up front and we didn’t have confidence in them. Our timeshare resort is lovely but too far out for us and we did do an exchange to a different resort but again ended up miles away from anywhere.  In order to exchange you have to plan so far in advance which is very difficult for us because of our health issues.  We read about SellMyTimeshare.tv in the newspaper and came along to the meeting for advice.”

Mr & Mrs Woodcock

09.05.2017.  "When we originally signed up for our timeshare we were promised all sorts of things, cruises, free upgrades, different destinations and so on. We started out as Gold Members but somehow we have ended up the lowest probably Bronze, we can’t even get a week anywhere now. We had a meeting with a company to exit our timeshare points 16 months ago, we were asked for a substantial amount of money but haven’t heard anything since, luckily we didn’t pay them anything. As we were coming to Tenerife for a family wedding we added an extra week with SellMyTimeshare.tv to enable us to come along to the meeting, we were initially a little apprehensive due to our past experiences.”

Mr & Mrs Ingham

   11.05.2017.  "We can’t use all the timeshare we own and we know there is no resale value as we have tried that through the resort directly without any success. This seems our best option and we feel we should do this now rather than leaving it any longer.”

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