What our Customers Say

Mr & Mrs Brougham

19.04.2017. I am delighted to have been successful in getting me out of my Timeshare commitment with Calypso Cay. I have just received a Certificate of Indemnity, which I do hope will put an end to this sorry, expensive saga. So may I wish a very big "than you" to Sell My Timeshare and everyone involved.  Mr & Mrs Brougham

Mr & Mrs Barrow

22-11-2016 SellMyTimeshare.tv advertised in our Caravan Club magazine so we knew they must have a good reputation and decided to make an appointment. After speaking with Lee and Diane we are more reassured that we can be helped by SellMyTimeshare.tv and Monster Rewards as the money back guarantee makes all the difference. We know you are here to help us. Mr & Mrs Barrow 

Mr & Mrs Green

21.11.16 We had looked at a couple of companies on the internet to help us but looking through adverts SellMyTimeshare.tv has a good reputation. Our timeshare has been very good over the years, but as we are on state pension now the funds are needed elsewhere. We do go on holiday but have to be more selective looking at and speaking to Lee about Monster Rewards, the system might help us in the future. Mr & Mrs Green 

Mr & Mrs Martin

21/11/2016 We read the Sellmytimeshare.tv advert in the Sun Newspaper and decided to give them a call.  The girl on the end of the phone arranged to send us a brochure which we found helpful and called us back a week or so later. We were given a choice of offices to visit to meet with an advisor and as we were already booked to go to Tenerife it seemed sensible to attend here rather than travelling in the UK and were promptly given an appointment. We had previously approached the resort for help in exiting the Timeshare and they were not all interested but did persuade us to purchase more weeks as an investment which unfortunately didn’t transpire. We were approached  by another company who also failed us. The process has been explained to us clearly and in terms we understand and are comfortable with. Would we recommend you? – there are several elderly owners at our resort who we are sure would also like to be rid of their ownership especially now the maintenance of the resort has lapsed and in all areas looking very tired, there are less staff and in some areas safety issues due to repairs not being carried out. So YES. we would recommend SellMyTimeshare.tv. Mr & Mrs Martin

Mr & Mrs Ditchfield

20/11/2016 We tried to exit our Timeshare 6 or 7 years ago but it didn’t go how we expected. We then converted to a points system and ended up with more points than we could possibly use and additional fee’s. We contacted SellMyTimeshare.tv after reading the advert in the Caravan Club Magazine. All of the staff we have been in contact with have been very pleasant, helpful and informative and Sean has given us a very thorough explanation of the process. I think I would recommend Sellmytimeshare.tv to somebody that was in a similar situation to ourselves. Mr & Mrs Ditchfield

Mr & Mrs Price

15-11-2016 We saw the SellMyTimeshare.tv advert in the newspaper and called the number, they have looked after us and have done everything they said they would do, where other companies we previously had contact with didn’t, we have been down this road in the past and have lost money. Mr & Mrs Price

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