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Timeshare burden still a reality

Certain developments have occurred over the recent years which have both directly and indirectly had an effect on Timeshare and associated products.

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ABC lawyers Ltd agent for Lansdown Financial Ltd

Mark Rowe, MD of ABC Lawyers Ltd, announces purchase of Lansdown Financial   ABC Lawyers Ltd became authorized agent for Lansdown Financial on 7 August 2017 Arrangement will provide regulated claims management to 400k timeshare owners ABC Lawyers leading the way in setting customer service and compliance standards within the timeshare industry

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ABC Lawyers Ltd announces the purchase of Tuloca Ltd, in win for former Justice4 clients

  ABC Lawyers Ltd completes the deal to purchase Tuloca Ltd on 7 August 2017 Announcement brings new hope to thousands of former Justice4 clients Significant investment to support clients in exiting their timeshares and claim compensation ABC Lawyers Ltd has announced the purchase of Tuloca Ltd.  The timeshare legal experts have acquired the Tuloca and Hello Consulting brands, in order to make their expertise available to Justice4 clients.

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Blessing or Burden? What else could you buy for the cost of your Timeshare?

Rising timeshare maintenance fees are seeing UK timeshare owners spending an average of £500 a year before they've even booked flights to their destination.  Over the years, these fees begin to add up making timeshare more of a burden than a blessing for owners. 

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Sky high maintenance bills of up to £10,000 driving record numbers of UK timeshare owners to sell up

Thousands of UK timeshare owners waved goodbye to their timeshare commitments last year with leading timeshare sales company, facilitating 2,250 timeshare exits.

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Suffer in silence no longer- Timeshare owners take action against void contracts and win

2016 has seen many timeshare owners finally rid themselves of illegal timeshare contracts following a flurry of successful wins on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria and mainland Spain.

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Award-winning TV presenter, actress and travel writer, Julie Peasgood, becomes brand ambassador of

Leading timeshare advisory authority, is excited to announce award-winning TV presenter, popular actress and travel writer Julie Peasgood as their new brand ambassador.

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Time to sell up? Leading timeshare sales company receives influx of Brexit enquiries

With only nine days until the EU referendum, UK timeshare holders are becoming increasingly anxious to know what impact a potential Brexit will have on their timeshare.

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Sales and exits of timeshares leap 32% as people look for greater flexibility Leading timeshare sales company,, has reported a huge increase in the number of people selling and cancelling their timeshare. The provider has released new figures that show a 32% rise in those choosing to sell or exit their timeshare in 2015, compared to the previous year. Indicating a growing trend in the market, facilitated the cancellation or sale of 2,250 such properties last year, compared to 1,704 in 2014. The value of which totalled an impressive £7,412,959, suggests that more and more people are looking for greater flexibility from their property purchases in today’s market.

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