Sell My Timeshare

What to avoid when investigating 

    • There are hundreds of Timeshare resale companies in the UK. Certain timeshare resale companies are "recommended" by other companies who appear to be Timeshare organisations, Timeshare Consumer bodies or Timeshare Trade bodies. Extra caution should be exercised when dealing with these Timeshare resale companies.
    • "It is guaranteed!" Beware of companies that offer Timeshare resale guarantees. Usually the only guarantees in life are "death & taxes!"
    • "It is FREE!" Beware of companies where everything is FREE. Ask yourself, "How does this company make its money?" Every company has to make money to survive. So if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.

"It is money for an advert!" Also beware of companies that charge a marketing fee or advertising fee or listing fee to sell your Timeshare for you. This contravenes the 2011 EU legislation which came into force on 23rd February 2011. Please be aware that there are Timeshare resale companies that are members of so-called Timeshare consumer bodies that still contravene this Timeshare legislation. This means that the are breaking the law

"It is sold! Just pay the legal fees!" One Timeshare resale scam that is relatively common is where a company phones a Timeshare owner and offers to sell their ownership. They do not charge any money initially. Then the Timeshare owner receives another phone call a few weeks later to inform them that their Timeshare is sold. The caller just requires money for "legal fees" or taxesThis is completely bogus and should obviously be avoided

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