Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my Timeshare Health Check take?

It’s your Health Check, so it very much depends on you. Every timeshare owner has a different set of unique circumstances. Do you have a simple or complex ownership history? Do you know exactly which option suits you best? Do you definitely want to sell, or are you undecided? Are you seeking compensation? Your advisor will put aside as much time as you need to give you your own personalised full Timeshare Health Check.

Why do I have to attend a meeting?

You don’t. We have two levels of service: the first level is basic telephone consultancy, which is free. The other level of service requires a meeting and carries a cost: this is our full Timeshare Health Check.

What happens after I have booked my Timeshare Health Check?

Once we have found you a suitable date, we will send you a confirmation email and letter. Our fabulous Concierge team will then be in touch with you to help you make any arrangements for your journey. They will send you maps of the area and details of local restaurants and attractions. Please let them know if you are combining the trip with a special date – birthday or anniversary – they will more than happy to help.

How successful are you at getting people out of their timeshare?

Well, we’ve never failed yet. We have a full legal division,, that handles all the timeshare contract nullification as well as the timeshare compensation claims for our customers. We successfully exited owners from over 2,200 timeshares last year.

Why do I need to pay a fee to see you?

Every company has overheads and costs: we are no different. We also have to pay our staff as well as the advisors in our advice centres. However, when you compare our fees with those of, say, a solicitor or accountant I hope you’ll agree that we are very reasonable. Especially the pricing option that includes a hotel stay.