Bringing Boat Ownership to Everyone

When people think of timeshare, they often imagine large resorts in popular tourist destinations such as Spain or Florida. What many people don't realise is that even if they are more familiar with timeshare, holiday ownership does not have to be limited to a unit in a resort or hotel. More and more people are discovering the joys of owning a timeshare on a luxury yacht.

Club La Costa is one of the major timeshare companies that has diversified by providing a shared ownership of a seagoing vessel. The Club La Costa Yacht Club has on offer a number of luxury yachts and catamarans, sailing to places such as Montenegro, Sicily, Naples and the Red Sea. The premise is that guests can enjoy the feeling of yacht ownership without the financial burdens of chartering or outright ownership.

There are many benefits to a sailing holiday that just can't be matched on land. The feeling of freedom and the knowledge that you are seeing places from a unique perspective are just two of the benefits of this type of holiday ownership, especially as you don't need any sailing experience to be able to enjoy such a break.

The yachts also come equipped with everything you would need to be able to enjoy activities such as snorkelling, water-skiing, deep sea fishing or scuba-diving, meaning that you can make your holiday as relaxing or as active as you choose. Furthermore, you'll have all the on-board help that you need in the form of an experienced, professional crew, so you don't need to worry about the ins and outs of sailing.

Many timeshare resales on the market these days come from people who have the desire to move on as visiting the same place every year is no longer desirable. A sailing holiday may be just the thing, as it provides the opportunity to try new things and see new places without being restricted to a certain resort or even area. It may even be possible to purchase such a timeshare through a timeshare resales programme, although such opportunities are not as common as other forms of timeshare resales.

Whichever area you wish to visit, you should be able to choose a floating holiday, as the Club La Costa Yacht Club is just one of a number of timeshare yachting opportunities available. More timeshares of this kind are becoming available every year as more companies tap into this increasingly popular pastime.