Holidays bring families together.

You may think that the annual getaway is just a way to have a change of scenery, or to relax away from the work environment, but research shows that family holidays do far more than just provide one or two weeks of respite from the rat race. It is clear that families who holiday together regularly create a bond that lasts for much longer than the holiday itself does.

The holiday does not need to be an expensive affair either, as it is the fact of being away together and exploring new areas that seems to be the important factor. When put into an unfamiliar environment, families tend to stick together. Making happy memories together provides a shared experience that can be looked back on when things get tough at home.

Families who are part of the timeshare world know all too well the importance of having time away together; it's why they have invested in a holiday opportunity, after all. But how can you keep the holiday experience fresh when you are committed to returning to the same place every year, at the same resort? The answer is simple: look at joining one of the holiday exchange programmes run by companies such as RCI Holidays.

A holiday exchange programme allows you and your family to head to pastures new every year, or even on alternate years. You have all the benefits that attracted you to timeshare in the first instance, but also the option to try out new resorts and new countries if you so choose. This gives a whole new aspect to timeshare ownership, making it just as flexible as any other holiday type.

RCI Holidays is just one of many holiday exchange providers, but the experience and expertise with which the programme is run is a shining example of how well such a programme can work. It is no surprise that it is a popular choice for families with children, as a stay at an RCI Holidays affiliated resort is more or less a guarantee of a great getaway, as the company demands high standards from all its affiliates in terms of activities, hospitality and accommodation choices.

But no matter where you choose to go, remember that it is the fact of going on holiday together as a family that matters, not the actual destination. Make the most of your time away together and you'll be strengthening your family bond in ways that you cannot imagine.