The beautiful Fiji Islands.

When thinking of an island paradise, most people dream of pristine white sand beaches, a clear blue ocean, coconut trees and exotic wildlife. In the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji has not just one of these idyllic islands to offer, but in excess of 300 tropical paradises. The islands have always been popular with honeymooners, but more and more families are enjoying the relaxed pace of life and the luscious surroundings of Fiji.

The islands are perfect for divers, with plenty of coral reefs to be explored and clear waters offering a pristine view of the spectacular underwater scenery. Even novice divers can make trips without undergoing training, as tandem dives are available, in which an qualified instructor takes charge of the equipment so that the novice can just enjoy the experience. Of course, courses are available so that a recognised dive qualification can be obtained.

What many people do not realise is that holiday exchange giants RCI Holidays has a presence on the islands. Offering six resorts across the six more popular islands, these really are some of the most exquisite and luxurious places in which to stay. Due to the nature of the RCI Holidays exchange system, the choice of staying here is open to all members, as points can be saved from one year to the next and consequently, a 'higher value' holiday chosen.

Being able to visit here on an exchange is great news, as although relaxing and peaceful, the islands are not necessarily great for families to return to every year, as there is a limited choice of activities for young children. Nonetheless, the chance to experience the islands should not be passed up. A visit here can be an education too, as the islands specialise in eco-tourism. The authorities do their best to cater for visitors whilst keeping the integrity of the natural surroundings and maintaining the delicate balance between development and untamed nature.

Finally, the islands provide a paradise for golfers. Golf is a sport in which the participants appreciate the integration of the courses into the natural environment and Fiji has excelled in this, providing some truly wonderful courses on which to play. Golfers of all abilities will appreciate the courses on offer, all of which enable a great round to be played within some of the world's most beautiful and idyllic scenery.