Austria was the best for our family.

Having travelled extensively as a child and young adult, I had seen much of the world before I settled down to have children. The far flung, exotic countries did appeal to me, but it was Europe that really had my heart; Germany and Austria in particular. The appeal of these countries was hard to pinpoint exactly, but it helped that I knew enough of the language to make myself properly understood and enough of the culture to feel as though each country was a home from home.

Austria is without a doubt my favourite, so it came as no surprise to anyone who knows me that it was here that I decided to take my first foray into the timeshare world. I didn't have the time or the money to invest in buying a property outright, but knowing that for two weeks each year, a little bit of Austria was mine made me extremely happy.

My first timeshare was not one of the best, but it was all I could afford at the time. When the children came along, it was clear that we needed bigger accommodation, so we eventually found ourselves a family sized unit in a charming resort, securing ourselves two weeks in the school summer holidays, as we knew that eventually we'd be restricted to holidaying at these times. We also joined a vacation exchange programme, run by RCI Holidays, which enabled us to make the decision to occasionally holiday elsewhere. When the children were quite young, this was ideal, as we didn't necessarily have the means (or the motive) to go away every year. On the years that we stayed at home, we deposited our time into the exchange programme and carried our points over to the next year, which enabled us to visit places that we could never have afforded otherwise.

But although we used our membership with RCI Holidays to great advantage, we still love having our little piece of Austria to return to every year. It's helped no end as the children have grown older too, as they are both studying German at school and being immersed in the language for two weeks every year has put them leaps and bounds ahead of the curriculum. There will come a point when they won't want to come with us anymore, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. We may even keep our timeshare there and do as we did before: use the opportunity to visit other parts of the world as part of the RCI Holidays exchange programme.