Island holidays with RCI.

There are so many wonderful islands dotted across the world, from the exotic, sun-drenched islands in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, to the windswept Highlands of Scotland. Whether you want to head off to a family destination, a party capital, or an island in the middle of nowhere for a quiet retreat, there's an island somewhere that's just right for you.

The Caribbean provides a wealth of choice, with many different islands each having their own distinct culture and something unique to offer the visitor. Places such as the Bahamas and Jamaica are ideal for those who like laid-back living, as the locals are never in any hurry and the pace of life is relaxed and calm. Bermuda has a distinctly British feel about it and some of the smaller islands draw in those who want to experience some of the wonderful sea life that surrounds them.

A little closer to home are islands such as the Canaries, which are perfect for families, especially those with younger children. For members of the holiday exchange programme run by RCI Holidays Tenerife is a very popular destination, as there is plenty to see and do, yet the flight from the UK is not too long. In fact, the RCI Holidays Tenerife resorts are amongst the most popular European destinations offered by them and families do tend to return here year upon year.

Other popular islands for UK visitors are the Greek Isles. There are countless small islands here to choose from, as well as the bigger, more populous islands such as Corfu, Crete, Rhodes and Cyprus. Many visitors to this part of the world like to enjoy a sailing holiday that takes in visits to some of the smaller islands, giving them the opportunity to relax on beaches that are inaccessible by road and present a unique perspective.

Whether you are heading off to the other side of the world or are staying closer to home, an island holiday gives you the chance to explore a place in more depth and to gain an insight into how island life has evolved over the years. Most islands have their own unique character purely because they have been cut off from change to a certain extent. And although influences can be seen from other cultures there is a uniqueness to island living that cannot be matched on the mainland.