Where can I sell my timeshare? Where can I buy one? These are two of the most pertinent questions asked by anyone involved in the timeshare industry. Yet where you buy or sell your timeshare can make a big difference to your experience.

Certainly, if you are buying timeshare it is important to make sure the product is right for you and your needs. It can be easy to be talked into something by a good sales person, but the wrong choice of timeshare can make a difference to your holiday experience. Always decide what is right for you. You are more likely to get an impartial opinion from a reputable timeshare organisation, so when deciding where can I sell my timeshare or buy one, only deal with organisations that you trust.

Timeshare resales

Do not dismiss the idea of buying a timeshare resale as opposed to buying brand new. You could get a great product for a really good price. Many resale properties are like new, but without the same price tag.

Young couples

If you are buying timeshare as a young couple, bear in mind your holiday needs might change over time, so it is worthwhile opting for a flexible timeshare option, such as a points system.


For families with school-aged children, you will need to find a timeshare that fits in with school holidays. Although you will initially pay more for this, your annual costs should not differ from low season holidaymakers. Having the option to exchange or purchase points can also be beneficial to families, but avoid floating weeks unless this covers the school holiday periods.

Couples without children

If you are travelling without children or you are retired, for instance, you have the most options available to you when buying timeshare. You have the luxury of being able to travel out of peak season, which can increase your different possibilities. Opting for an exchange or points system can also be a good way to add flexibility to your timeshare plans, so you can choose to take different types of holidays each year.

Single travellers

Although timeshare can offer good value holidays for anyone, if you are a single traveller think about whether this is the type of holiday arrangement you would like over the long term. Do not be talked into buying timeshare until you are sure that this would suit you. Often, single travellers have different holiday habits compared to other groups of travellers, so would benefit the most from a flexible arrangement.

Do spend time thinking about your holiday needs and avoid being talked into something. When it comes to asking where can I sell my timeshare or buy one your most recommended option is to always speak to expert, impartial professionals who have your best interests at heart.