If you are told, we sell your timeshare, how do you know if that person is legitimate or not? Understanding the myths that surround the sale of timeshare can help you to feel confidence in making decisions when told, we sell your timeshare, which can also help you avoid being a victim of scams. There are many myths associated with selling timeshare, here are a few of the top ones.

Timeshare is one big scam

Negative press surrounding timeshare has given the industry a bad name in the past. Timeshare scams are the minority not the majority, so in most cases, if you deal with a reputable company, you should not come into contact with any scams.

Scams only happen over the telephone

While it is true that many of the scams associated with timeshare are often cold callers phoning timeshare owners up, this is not to say that this is the only way that a fraudster may operate. Even meeting a seller face to face is not a 100% guarantee that they are not going to con you.

If a company has a website, it must be legitimate!

If you are thinking of selling timeshare, it is always a good idea to look online at a company’s website as part of your research into the legitimacy of that business – especially if you have not dealt with them before. Do not, however, take having a presence on the internet as a sure sign that a company is not into scamming timeshare owners. Even if a website looks professional and slick, do other background research and read reviews, as scammers can be very clever at trying to look professional.

You need to go to a sales talk to buy or sell timeshare

Many sales talks that encourage people to buy or sell timeshare can be high-pressure environments. In some cases, seemingly free incentives are offered as a way to tempt people to make an on-the-spot decision. You certainly do not need to go to one of these talks in order to buy or sell timeshare.

You need to pay upfront in order to sell timeshare

Many timeshare owners are told that they will need to pay some cash upfront in order to achieve a sale. While paying a cash deposit is often the norm in some industries or for some services, in timeshare this is absolutely not the case at all. Never part with any cash before your timeshare is sold, as you run the risk of dealing with a scammer.

Only vulnerable timeshare owners get scammed

Although you often read in news reports that elderly or vulnerable timeshare owners are most often the victims of timeshare scams, the reality is it can happen to even the most savvy and switched on of timeshare owners. Scammers are increasingly using sophisticated methods and techniques in their fraudulent efforts, so it really does pay to make sure you only use a reliable and reputable timeshare company.