There are lots of reasons why the timeshare industry is big business. For many people, it offers than a great investment for taking holidays. If you are looking to sell your current timeshare with the prospect of buying a new one, you may already be familiar with the many reasons that people take up a timeshare in the first place.
If you enjoy regular holidays but do not relish the hassle of sorting out hotel accommodation, then a timeshare can take away a lot of the inconveniences associated with arranging a holiday. As you pay in advance or on a regular basis for your timeshare, it allows you to spread the cost over a period of time, rather than having to find the funds at the last minute. Over time, you will find that you actually can save money on your holidays by having a timeshare.

You can usually be guaranteed a very high level of accommodation through a timeshare arrangement, normally with a wide range of facilities that offers a fully furnished, home-from-home atmosphere. Some of the resort facilities you may have on hand could include a swimming pool, gym, restaurant, tennis courts, golf and spa, for instance. There is a huge range of options available in many countries, so you are bound to find the right kind of timeshare to suit your needs.

Having a timeshare offers a good mix of a guaranteed, designated time in an accommodation of your choice, without the commitment of fully owning a property. During the time that you are not at the timeshare, you do not need to worry about upkeep or maintenance, unlike owning a property outright. With a timeshare, you only need to maintain it for the time that you are there.

One of the common reasons people might be put of by a timeshare, is that they wrongly assume they are tied into a commitment of having to holiday at the same place, for a number of years. This is not the case at all. You can exchange your timeshare and switch resorts, giving you the opportunity to holiday elsewhere. If you can not make it one year, or you want some extra cash, you can always rent it out to someone else. If your circumstances change, or you think to yourself, what if I want to sell my time share? Then, this is not a problem, either. Many people who own timeshares go on to sell them on, either because they no longer want or need it, or because they have decided to buy another timeshare elsewhere.