If you are selling timeshare points, you may worry that they will be harder to sell because people do not really understand what they are all about. In reality, selling timeshare points should not be any harder, however, than selling traditional timeshare. Whether you are buying or selling, having an understanding about timeshare points can help make the process smoother, while ensuring you get the best deal for your money. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding timeshare points.

How do timeshare points work?
Points allow you to enjoy different types of timeshare experiences. Instead of the traditional timeshare option, with points you can trade them in and swap for different accommodation at different times of the year.

How many points will I get?
The allocation of points will depend on the size of your timeshare, the time of year you own and the rating of the resort. You can also purchase points, which you can add to at any time.

How is a points system different from traditional timeshare?
With a points system, you give up the use of your week without having to deposit it with an exchange company. Your points are placed in a pool of accommodation, where members can select the holiday that suits their needs.

What are the benefits of timeshare points?
Flexibility is the key benefit from owning timeshare points. As members’ weeks are automatically deposited every year into the points system, there is no need to wait for timeshare owners to deposit their week, if an owner was looking to exchange their particular week. With points, you also do not need to plan ahead as much so that you can book something last minute, often taking advantage of some great late deals.

Are there any disadvantages to owning timeshare points?
With points, you will not have a set holiday period so you may need to book ahead if you want to holiday at a specific time. Unlike traditional timeshare, you can not rent out the weeks you have booked using the points system.

If I convert my traditional timeshare week into points, who owns the week?
You will still own the week and will still need to pay maintenance on it.

How many points will I need?
The number of points you will need depends on various factors, such as when you travel, how often you travel, the size of accommodation and the specific resort or location. You will need to use more points if you travel during peak periods. Should you need any more points, however, you can always purchase extra.

How do I sell my timeshare points?
One of the best ways to consider selling your timeshare points is to use an expert organisation who deals with selling timeshare. They will know exactly what procedures and processes are involved, and, most importantly, they can offer advice and information to anyone looking to buy points who may not be familiar with how it all works.