Know its value
Work out roughly how much your timeshare is worth. Knowing its value can help you to set a realistic asking price. There are lots of different factors to consider when calculating potential value, including location, time of year, size and the quality of the resort.

Be prepared to make a loss
A timeshare is not like investing in normal property – its value doesn’t increase over time. In many cases you may make a loss once you have decided, now is the time to sell my timeshare. Try not to see this too negatively, however. Think of all the enjoyment your timeshare has given you over the years.

Sellers outstrip buyers
Bear in mind that there are more people trying to sell timeshare than buy it, so you will be selling in a competitive market. Make your timeshare stand out and go the extra mile in your marketing efforts.

Time is of the essence
So you’ve said to yourself – I’m going to sell my timeshare – you may well now wonder how long it will all take. Be prepared to play the waiting game. If you’re lucky you could sell quickly, but it could take longer. A lot depends on what you have to offer and how you go about selling it.

Use an agency
You can often speed up the process of selling by going through a reputable expert agency, such as Sell My Timeshare, who has experience of selling timeshare for owners.

Refresh your options
There might be other favourable options you had not thought about if you have decided to sell your timeshare. This could include using an exchange scheme or converting your timeshare into points, so you can enjoy different holiday experiences.

Nothing is free in life
If, during the selling process, you are offered freebies in some form or other that may sway you to sell with a particular company, think twice. You will end up paying for them at some point along the selling journey.

Say no to cold callers
As well as freebies or offers that sound to good to be true, be wary of companies that cold call you to let you know they have plenty of buyers waiting to snap up your timeshare at great prices. Alarm bells should be ringing, as these scenarios often indicate the work of scammers and fraudsters.

Know what you’re dealing with
Timeshare can be quite complex so when you are selling up, make sure that you understand everything involved in the legal process. If you find this too complicated, consult an expert timeshare resales organisation who can demystify everything for you.

Avoid auction sites
It can seem tempting to try to sell your timeshare on an online auction site, but in general these are best avoided. You are more likely to achieve a better deal quicker by selling through an agency rather than an online site.