If you’re getting ready to visit your annual timeshare, planning ahead and being organised can ensure that you have a much more enjoyable holiday experience. Whether you’re a seasoned timeshare owner who has been visiting the same place for donkey’s years, or whether you’re a newbie who has just snapped up a bargain on the timeshare resales market, planning ahead and being organised can help, no matter what your circumstances. Here are 10 tips to get your timeshare holiday off to a great start.

1. Make lists of what you need to do and what you need to take with you. Avoid the stress and hassle of leaving packing until the last minute.

2. Long before you are due to travel, make sure that your passport is still in date. Most countries stipulate that a passport needs to be valid for at least six months before the completion of a trip. If your passport is due to expire soon, update it in plenty of time, as it may take longer than normal, especially at peak times.

3. If you have any queries about your hotel or resort, contact the main office and get clued up before you travel. It is often easier to sort any issues out beforehand, rather than allowing them to eat into your valuable holiday time once you’re in resort. Equally, if you do have any issues upon arrival, speak to the resort office immediately to iron them out, so that nothing hampers the enjoyment of your holiday.

4. Sort your foreign currency out before you leave. Avoid changing money at the airport, as you will undoubtedly get a much worse exchange rate.

5. Check that you have got all the medications that you require for your stay, and that you have cancelled things such as milk deliveries and newspapers. Ask a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your property while you’re away.

6. Allow plenty of time for your travel to the destination, and if you have youngsters in tow, bring lots of things to keep them amused during the journey.

7. If this is your first time at the destination, it’s worth getting to know the area beforehand by reading guide books and looking at reviews and information online. It means that you can have some ideas in place what to do and where to go during your stay.

8. Don’t just rely on information in guidebooks, however, as this often dates quickly. One of the best ways to find out about an area is to ask the locals or the hotel staff if they can recommend places to go to.

9. In a quest to make the most of the sunshine, we have all, at some stage, overdone it in the sun on the first few days of the holiday. Avoid spending the rest of the holiday nursing red, sunburnt skin by building up exposure to the sun gradually.

10. With countless surveys highlighting how many of us just can’t switch off from our mobile devices on holiday, we could end up missing out on what is happening around us. If at all possible, spend a few hours on holiday unhooked from your phone and experience the moment.