Timeshares do not just come in all different shapes and sizes – they also do not all necessarily have an overseas postcode. Many timeshares may be right on your doorstep, opening up different holiday options you had not considered before.

Easy to Get To

The great advantage of owning a timeshare close to home is that you can cut down on travel time and expense compared to choosing somewhere further away. If you enjoy ‘staycation’ holidays in your own country and have a particular favourite place that you return to year after year, it is worth looking into whether there are timeshare options available. It could work out cheaper in the long run, and you can get a real sense of involvement and enjoyment out of a place that you already love.

Ideal for Second Holidays

Many people might also consider opting for a timeshare close to home for a second holiday. If you travel overseas for your main holiday but do not want to take on a timeshare abroad, having one on your doorstep for either a second break or shorter break during the year can add variety and interest to your annual holiday plans. This could, for example, be a weekend timeshare break in a country house or a spa retreat or a week out-of-season in a cottage by the sea, or maybe you like the idea of having a timeshare in a city so you can explore the sites and exploit the shopping opportunities. There are lots of different timeshare options right on your doorstep that you may not have even considered before.

Flexible Use

Another benefit of owning a timeshare close to home is that if you can not use it one year, it is much easier to let friends or family stay there instead rather than somewhere that may be more inconvenient or expensive to get to. This ensures that your timeshare allocation will not go to waste in the event that you cannot use it. If your timeshare is also tied in with an exchange scheme, you may be able to swap to different locations nearby for different holiday experiences. Perhaps you also want to try out a short-stay timeshare arrangement first before deciding on whether to take one on overseas, especially if you are new to the concept of timeshare. A timeshare close to home can let you test the waters and see how much you benefit from this style of holiday.

For those with timeshares to sell close to home, it can often be easier without any language barriers or foreign laws to consider. Bear in mind that if you are selling a timeshare overseas, potential buyers may be right on your property’s doorstep. There could be locals living nearby who may want to reap the benefits of enjoying a timeshare close to their own home, too.