Many people might have lots of notions about what a timeshare involves and is all about, but there are also lots of things that a timeshare is not! Read on to discover more about the vacation ownership industry.

Timeshare is not full of money-rip-off merchants. One of the biggest myths surrounding the timeshare industry is that it is teaming with con artists, eager to fleece you of your hard-earned cash. As with any industry, there are dodgy dealers lurking around, but the vast majority of companies in the timeshare business are legitimate and reliable.

Timeshare is not a fad. The timeshare industry has been going strong now for over 50 years, so is unlikely to disappear any time soon. The industry does continue to adapt and change, to meet consumer demands, so that the timeshare product will evolve as time goes on.

Owning a timeshare is not the same as buying a property. This is one of the concepts some people get confused about. While there are some similarities between owning a property and owning a timeshare, there are many differences, too. Importantly, you should not consider timeshare as a financial investment, in the same way you would purchasing a property.

Timeshare is not about being tied down to one place. Many people are put off the idea of owning a timeshare because they might not like the thought of having to holiday at the same resort, at the same time each year. Timeshare is much more than this, and if you take part in a points or exchange programme, you can use this to swap locations and holiday times, so that you can be as flexible as you want to be with your holiday plans. These days, timeshare is also much more than staying in an apartment. Your experience could include going to a golfing destination, a spa resort or even on a cruise.

Similarly, many people may shun getting a timeshare because they worry about taking on such a long-term commitment. Options for shorter-term contracts are available, and even if you did decide that you no longer wanted your timeshare, you could sell it. The timeshare resale industry is big business, and many newcomers to timeshare buy their first ownership through a timeshare resale scheme.

Timeshare is not about being left alone to deal with things by yourself. If you ever need any assistance, advice or help with any aspect of your timeshare experience, from the initial buying to reselling, as well as understanding the details of a contract, there are organisations who will happily provide the help and information you need. Once you own a timeshare, or have decided to sell your existing ownership, you do not have to feel alone if you need assistance with any matters.