The recent news that Macdonald Resorts has decided to change to a points-based system was met with disapproval by some of its timeshare owners. They argued that changing to such a system could compromise their ability to be able to stay at the same resort for the same time each year. Clearly, for some people owning timeshare, a points-based system may not suit their needs. If you are looking at selling timeshare points, does this, therefore, mean that your task may be even harder, if there is such opposition to them?
In actual fact, anyone selling timeshare points should not be too fearful about trying to sell. The reality is that not everyone will be in favour of this system, in the same way that not everybody likes the idea of going on a cruise holiday or camping, or some people like to go to the same place every year, whereas others like to have a change. There are different timeshare arrangements in place, to suit different people’s needs when it comes to vacation requirements.

If someone wants to stay at the same resort for the same week every year, then clearly they probably will not be that interested in a points-based system. On the other hand, if someone prefers an element of flexibility to their vacation, such as where they go, the type of holiday they have, or being able to choose different times of year to travel, then a points-based timeshare system will be right up their street. If you are looking to sell timeshare points then it is this type of person that will most likely appeal to buying them. The flexibility of a points-based system could, in some ways, even put you at an advantage if you sell, because your buyer is not being restricted to a ‘fixed’ holiday.

As with selling any type of timeshare, whether on a points system or not, your first port of call is to enquire with the resort to find out if they offer a resale scheme. You can also look into the option of selling through a resale organisation who is skilled and experienced in dealing with this kind of sale. They will be able to advertise your points or timeshare in the appropriate place to attract the right buyer. Essentially, it is not really whether you are selling points or not that can make or break a sale, but other aspects such as selling in the right place, for the right price and armed with expert knowledge to complete the sale.