One of the biggest factors when booking a holiday is endeavouring to get the best deal for your money. Holidays can be expensive affairs, especially if you are restricted to going away at peak times, so savvy travellers are always on the look out to find ways to snag a bargain.

Of big debate for anyone making travel plans is how traditional package holidays might compare to timeshare holidays, in terms of affordability and quality. Buying a timeshare is a big step for anyone, so ensuring that it provides financial sense will be key for people considering going down this route.

Timeshare is an increasingly affordable option, especially with the existence of a thriving resales market, where buyers can often snap up a bargain. Standards of accommodation are generally very high, often higher than you would find in package holidays, as shared owners have a vested interest in keeping conditions spic and span. By joining an exchange programme, you are also not restricted to having to holiday at the same place each year, so in some ways the concept is not that dissimilar to traditional holiday packages. Normally the hotels and resorts associated with exchange programmes are top ranking establishments, and they often feature great offers that are exclusive to timeshare owners only. This can be beneficial to those people who are flexible about when or where they travel to, but it can also provide savings for those who may be tied in to holidaying during peak times only.

The image of timeshare is also changing, which is helping to boost its profile and make it easier to compare to the traditional package holiday market. Much of the negative press associated with timeshare has focused on the way it has been sold to people, but consumers are becoming much more aware and better informed these days. For buyers or anyone who has decided, now is the time to sell my time share, there is lots of reliable and trustworthy expert advice and opinion out there, that is helping to bolster the image of the timeshare industry.

Recent research based on holiday review website TripAdvisor findings also shows that timeshare holidays can offer good value for money in comparison to package holidays, offering some of the best standards of accommodation around.

A list of the top 50 best-selling timeshare resorts of 2013 based on TripAdvisor reviews highlighted that at least 40 had achieved TripAdvisor’s coveted Certificate of Excellence award. This accolade is only given to those establishments that achieve consistently outstanding reviews, with only around 10% of businesses on the website hitting these benchmarks of excellence.

Based on TripAdvisor’s results, the islands of Madeira and Gran Canaria each boast five resorts in the top 50 ranking of timeshare resorts, whilst Spain’s Costa del Sol has an impressive eight resorts in the coveted list. The results go to show that when people do opt for timeshare holidays, they are usually more than satisfied with the experience.