Most people have a fixed notion what timeshare is all about. Indeed, lots of timeshare owners purchase timeshare just to be able to holiday year after year at the same property. In actual fact, timeshare can also be a very flexible product, providing the user will lots of different holiday options to suit their requirements.

A really great option that timeshare lends itself well to is for honeymoon vacations. Many people might not be aware that this is feasible, but it can actually work out as very convenient and budget-friendly for newly-wed couples. Renting timeshare is a smart way to keep the honeymoon as inexpensive as possible, without having to compromise on amenities or facilities or other aspects that you want from your dream holiday.

How does this work? Renting timeshare for a honeymoon does not involve having to make any long-term commitments associated with buying timeshare. If a timeshare owner is not able to use their timeshare week, for whatever reason, they will often put it up for rent, so that they can offset their maintenance fees. Many properties for rent are advertised on the timeshare resale market, so searching online is a recommended way to find out what is available.

The real benefit of renting a timeshare for your honeymoon from the timeshare resale market is that you can enjoy all the luxuries you demand from this once-in-a-lifetime experience, without having to spend the rest of your married life having to pay for it. Timeshare rentals are often available at reduced rates, due to the shared ownership aspect of the agreement, and are normally cheaper to rent than if you opted for a hotel room of similar quality. What’s more, timeshare accommodation tends to be bigger and better equipped than standard hotel rooms, as several owners are contributing to amenities and services, so you will usually get better facilities for your money.

A large number of the most upmarket hotels and resorts throughout the world offer timeshare options, meaning that the choice for couples looking to rent timeshare is huge. Lot of big name resorts will also feature great facilities designed for relaxation, pampering and fine dining, so any honeymooning couple will have all the necessary ingredients for the perfect vacation.

On the other end of the scale, if you own timeshare and are looking for the perfect gift to bestow upon a newly-married couple, then offering them your timeshare week at your hotel or resort makes for a wonderful gesture. As timeshare is such a flexible product, the newlyweds may also have the option to exchange the week for another location, if they have somewhere specific in mind, or even swap for a cruise vacation, for example.

After the honeymoon, the couple may even then decide to purchase a timeshare themselves at the resort, so that they can continue visiting the location for years to come, and reminisce over the cherished moments spent there.