If you are considering timeshare but may be concerned because you own pets, don’t let this stand in the way of fulfilling your future holiday dreams. Similarly, if you own timeshare and have recently acquired a pet, don’t assume that you will now have to sell your timeshare.

In this day and age, many timeshare resorts and hotels are accommodating pets and their owners, so you can enjoy holidays together with your furry friends. Here are some of the key timeshare considerations in this regard.

Define pet-friendly

Before committing to timeshare that is regarded as pet-friendly, make sure that you understand precisely what pet-friendly means in the context of a particular hotel or resort. The definition can vary greatly, from simply offering on-site kennels through to full access for pets, and even providing pet services such as pampering sessions.

The needs of your pet

If your pet is to become an integral part of your holiday plans, you may need to revise your plans regarding the length of the journey and the mode of transport taken. Even when flying with pets, choosing somewhere closer to home may be a more appropriate option. Make sure that your chosen resort suits the personality or needs of your pet. For example, if you have large bouncy dog, you will need to choose somewhere where your pet will not be cooped up inside a room or kennel all day long.

Book ahead

If pets are to be part of your holiday plans, book early with the resort to ensure that you get the most appropriate room or facilities to suit your requirements. Make sure you are certain as to the guidelines and rules governing pets and any restrictions that might be in place. Further timeshare considerations relate to resort restrictions as to the weight, size, type or breed and number of pets.


In addition to finding out what facilities are available in the resort to accommodate an animal, do your homework to discover what you can expect from the wider local area. Are there any pet-friendly pubs or restaurants nearby, for example? For dog owners who want to ensure that their pooch gets plenty of exercise, are there lots of walking trails or open spaces close by? If you decide to go out without your pet, can your animal stay in the room or are there on-site kennels where they can relax in comfort?

Timeshare options

If you currently own timeshare that does not cater for animals, and you want to bring your pet on holiday, you may be able to swap accommodation using an exchange company. Alternatively, you may wish to consider selling your timeshare and buying a more pet-friendly option on the resale market.