If you have made the decision to sell your timeshare, you will want the sale to be completed as quickly as possible. Here are 10 top tips that can help put you on the right path to achieving a prompt sale.

1. Be realistic about the value of your timeshare. If you set your sale price too high, you aren’t likely to achieve a quick sale. Supply of timeshare usually outstrips demand, so it tends to be a buyer’s market.

2. Don’t expect to make a profit. Timeshare is not like normal property – it doesn’t increase in value over time, so the chances are you probably won’t make any profit. If you bought directly from a developer, you stand to lose more.

3. Know where to sell. You need to make sure you are advertising your timeshare in the right places, to attract the right kinds of people.

4. Use a reputable resales company. The quickest sales are often achieved when you sell through an expert company that has experience of the resale of timeshares. They will understand the processes involved and will be able to put your property in contact with interested parties.

5. Be wary of offers that sound too good to be true. If someone tells you they have buyers waiting to snap your timeshare up at a great price, then alarms bells should start ringing. Only in exceptional circumstances will this be the case, especially if your timeshare is unique but, mainly, offers such as this can be the work of scammers so do be cautious. Be especially wary by cold callers or those asking for cash upfront.

6. Selling timeshare can take time. Even if you want to sell quickly, it’s important to be realistic and understand that few timeshares sell as soon as they are put up for sale. Often it’s a case of finding the right buyers and making them aware of the property, rather than anything wrong with the timeshare itself. Selling through a resales company can, however, put your timeshare in touch with potential buyers much quicker than trying to sell yourself.

7. Make your timeshare sound appealing. As with anything you might attempt to sell, it is important to make it sound attractive to potential buyers. Resale of timeshares is no different, so if you’re hoping for a quick sale, make sure you are highlighting the key benefits and features of the property to impress its appeal to buyers.

8. Ask around. Consider if you have any friends or family who might be interested in buying your timeshare from you. Get them to ask around, too. You never know, a potential buyer may be closer to home than you realised.

9. Speak to the resort and see if they will buy the timeshare back from you or have their own resales division. In some circumstances, if you’re really struggling to sell you may be able to relinquish the timeshare to the resort, providing that maintenance fees are up to date.

10. Consider other options. It might be that there are other options you could explore aside from selling. You could, for instance, convert your timeshare into points, which could be used at other locations or at other times of year.