With many more of us using the internet to make purchases, we are often tempted by impulse buys that are just a click of a button away. With timeshare also available to buy online, including on popular auction sites such as eBay, it could be all too easy to snap up a timeshare bargain in an impulse if we are looking to escape the demands of daily life. Think again, however, before you impulse buy timeshare.

A timeshare is something that you will want to enjoy for many years to come, so it stands to reason that you spend a lot of time thinking about it before you sign up to buy. It is not like booking a typical holiday package. Once you have committed, you will have annual maintenance fees to pay and keep up, and even if you did decide: now is the time to sell my time share, it can be trickier than you think, with many timeshare owners not regaining the costs of buying it in the first place.

Buying a timeshare that you like the look of over the internet would not be wise without visiting it first. Even if you have visited the country or location before, if you have not stepped foot inside the hotel or resort, it is not always easy to get a complete picture of what something is like by looking on the internet. In many instances, the photos you may see online or the promotional material you read about a place may be biased or projected in a glowing light. You can’t always completely rely on reviews from other travellers, either, as everyone has different standards and ideas what makes a great hotel or holiday, so, again, there will be an element of personal opinion involved. The only way to tell for yourself is to visit the property before you buy.

Visiting the hotel or resort is like a try-before-you-buy experience. It will give you an indication if this is the type of holiday you would like to have over the long term. If you like the idea of buying timeshare and all of the associated benefits, but are not sure that you want to commit long term, consider going on a timeshare exchange scheme, which provides greater flexibility of holiday choice.

If you do end up falling in love with a resort once you have viewed it in person, always remember that even if you agree to sign up for timeshare, you still have a cooling off period, should you change your mind. This is normally 14 days from the day you signed the agreement, but it can be longer in some circumstances.

Bear in mind too that there is a lot of legal implications and paperwork associated with buying a timeshare, so it is important to thoroughly get to grips with this before making any rash decisions. It is worth getting the advice of expert organisations who can demystify any of this for you, so that you are entering into the agreement fully conversant of what is involved.