Anyone interested in the latest smart technology will already probably have heard about the iWatch, the new smart watch developed by Apple. The iWatch is said to work like an iPhone, offering many of the same features, with the added convenience that you wear it on your wrist. This product is likely to revolutionise not just the watch industry, but the whole idea of being able to have wearable smart technology.
Recent reports suggest that big name, time shares company Starwood Hotels & Resorts, is set to introduce this new technology to its own network with the development of an iWatch digital, room key.

This new style of room key will allow guests to open their door using an iWatch. Guests will, however, need to have access to an iPhone in order for this technology to work. With just a swipe of the iWatch, a guest can enter a room, without the hassle of having to carry a key around or get it lost. The introduction of such a watch also allows the potential for further uses.

Thought to be introduced next spring, this new app will initially be available to guests who are members of the Starwood loyalty club, although a general roll out to other guests is probably likely over time.

Hot on the heels of the Starwood group is Hilton, which has also announced a desire to enter the itechnology market. It too will be looking at developing its own smartphone room key, where, with the use of a watch, a guest is not only able to enter their room but can fulfill other functions such as check in and out, contact the reception desk or arrange for a porter.

Critics have lashed out at the potential use of smartphone apps for use as door keys at hotels, suggesting they could pose a security threat and are vulnerable to being hacked. In response, both Starwood and Hilton have addressed these concerns by having undertaken rigorous testing. They believe that such apps will have different safety features in comparison to traditional apps, so should not pose any security threat, or give an option for being tampered with.

No doubt the introduction of this new technology will lead the way for many other hotels and resorts to follow suit. For anyone with time shares, this is an exciting development in the holiday industry. Not only will it be an added bonus to the timeshare property in terms of offering greater convenience and flexibility, but it could act as a key selling point if you ever decided to sell your timeshare on.