Anyone who owns a timeshare will know how important it is to ensure that they deal with reputable organisations, whether buying or selling, or choosing a particular resort. With a lot of money tied up in this line of business, if you do not choose who you deal with wisely, you could end up out of pocket.
When deciding which companies to use, many people go by size. Quite often, larger organisations will be more well known, so picking who you deal with based on size can often be a very good indicator that you are dealing with a reputable organisation. Equally, the bigger the company, the more likely you will find information about it by doing searches online. As well as finding out about it from a company website, you should be able to find reviews and testimonials easier, the bigger the company is.

It is important, however, not to just rely on everything you read online, or take the word of the company you are dealing with. If, for instance, you are told by a company you do not know much about that it is a big organisation or that it has been operating for a long time, it is always worth doing a check to make sure what it is saying can be verified. Some organisations have quite generic names, or names that make you think they are probably big and have been around for a while, but again, always do your homework and check out the identity of who you are dealing with.

Does that, therefore, mean that you should only plump for large organisations when buying or selling vacation time at a particular resort, or even the resort itself? In actual fact, it is worth bearing in mind that some smaller companies might be better able to serve your needs, if you have specific requests or requirements. A smaller company does not necessarily mean that it will not be reputable, more likely that you just may not have heard much about it before.

As with any aspect of this industry, if there is any element that is unfamiliar to you, then dig around to find out more about it. If there is not much information on the internet about a particular company, again, it does not necessarily indicate that the company is fraudulent, you just need to make sure that you become acquainted with it in other ways. Ask the company how it operates, what the laws are that will be relevant to your transaction and how they adhere to these laws. Check to ensure that they are members of any relevant bodies that follow laws relating to this industry.

While a bigger company does have the advantage of a well-known brand behind it that can help cement a reputable image, smaller companies can be equally as reliable. What is important, no matter what the size, is how it operates and whether it follows laws and codes of conduct. When dealing with a smaller or unknown organisation, you will probably need to ensure you make additional checks to verify its status and credibility.