When many people buy a timeshare, they are probably hoping it will be a long-term opportunity for future holidays. In most cases, this is usually the case, but as we all know, sometimes life decides to take a different course and things do not always go to plan.

There are lots of situations that arise that necessitate the selling of a timeshare. Usually once the decision to sell has been made, most owners hope the sale process will be completed as quickly as possible. One of the biggest reasons for the resale of timeshares is that the owners split up or get divorced. With figures suggesting that around 40% of marriages end in divorce in some countries, it is not hard to see why this is cited as one of the top reasons that couples who own timeshare decide to sell.

Going through a divorce is a stressful situation in itself, and with many issues to resolve between both parties, finding an agreeable solution over any timeshare ownership will be a necessary part of the proceedings. As this is a common timeshare problem, there are, fortunately, ways that you can deal with this situation effectively. It is always a good idea to discuss your options with an expert broker or timeshare organisation, as they will have dealt with similar situations before. Equally, if you are hoping for a quick sale, then expert advice and guidance is usually the best way forward to ensure a speedy resale of timeshares.

Selling your timeshare is certainly one option, but there are also other options you might want to consider, if you are going through a divorce. If one of you is keener than the other to keep the timeshare on, then the more interested party could buy the other one’s share out. If you are both reluctant to give up the timeshare, then you could consider splitting the timeshare points, allowance of time between you and fees for maintenance, so you are able to enjoy the timeshare in different months of the year, or on alternating years.

It might also be that the timeshare destination holds special memories for you as a couple. Perhaps you got married there, or spent your honeymoon at the hotel, for instance. In which case, going back to the resort may feel painful if you are no longer together. In such circumstances, you may consider selling the timeshare or exchanging to a different destination.

Trying to sell your timeshare as quickly as possible is certainly one option for those going through divorce, but there are also other options that you might want to consider, which could benefit you both individually and mean that you can still enjoy your timeshare holidays.