If you bought a time share in France for skiing holidays but no longer make use of it, now is a good time for anyone considering selling a time share. With the winter skiing season almost upon us, you stand the best chance of finding interested buyers. With so many options open to potential buyers, however, make sure you highlight the key benefits of your accommodation and resort so that it stands out from the crowd.

What Might a Buyer Be Looking For?

Think about those factors that persuaded you to buy your time share in the first instance, and use these as unique selling points to attract buyers. Get to know what buyers might be looking for when choosing a time share in a ski resort.


When selling a time share, whether in a ski resort or elsewhere, location is always a critical factor. Play up key points such as amenities and facilities in the local area, scenery and accessibility to the airport. Many people might not like the idea of travelling too far from an airport to reach a ski resort, so if yours is within easy reach, highlight this major benefit.

Snow Conditions

If your time-share resort offers reliable snow conditions over an extended season, make sure you emphasise this main point when selling a time share. This may be important if the week you own is not during the peak months.

Ski Levels

Does the ski resort cater for all levels of skier, from the beginner to the more experienced? If so, your time share may appeal to wider audiences. When trying to sell your time share, make sure to highlight if there are ski schools that offer lessons for beginners. If snowboarding is also popular, mention this too.


Some people may be just as interested in the apres-ski as they are in the skiing itself, so if there is plenty to do in the area away from the slopes, highlight these aspects when selling your time share. Do not assume you will fail to sell, however, if your resort is not big on after-dark entertainment. Some skiers choose resorts specifically for the skiing and are not bothered about other tourist attractions.


Many people might be attracted to buying a time share in a French ski resort if it offers good value for money, so if yours is situated in a lesser-known resort where prices may be lower, make sure to stress this key point. Well-known ski resorts in France that may be more expensive than others will still appeal to lots of people, so just make sure to mention the great facilities, excellent skiing conditions and entertainment options in this case.

If you want to take the hassle out of selling your time share at your French ski resort, it is often worth consulting with expert time-share agencies who are experienced at this type of activity.