Whether you are planning a holiday or thinking of selling a time share, the results of a recent survey conducted by Wyndham Rewards highlights that kids think they are better at vacation planning than their parents are.

More than 2,500 youngsters and their parents were surveyed by Wyndham Rewards, the loyalty programme created by worldwide hotel group Wyndham. The aim of the survey was to reveal travel habits of families and the stresses or challenges that they may face while planning their holiday or during their time away.

Kids know best

According to the results from the survey, more than half of the children who participated believed they could make a better job of organising the family holiday than their parents. This is not to say that youngsters do not think that the grown ups deserve a holiday, however. In fact, pretty much all of the kids surveyed (96%) believed their parents were in need of a welcome break.

Mum is the most deserving

Although children are of the opinion their parents deserve a holiday, it appears that mum is the most deserving of all. Some 43% of dads and 52% of children all agreed that mum deserved a holiday most out of all the family members. Just over half of all mums surveyed also agreed with this sentiment!

The stresses of planning a holiday

A holiday is supposed to enable people to relax and unwind and melt stresses away, but this is not always the case, especially with the planning aspect of a holiday. Results from the survey revealed that many parents think planning a holiday is more stressful than visiting the in-laws. Despite the high standards of living that we experience today, it seems that we are more stressed than ever before. And 76% of the survey respondents admitted to feeling more stressed today than they did just one year ago. Money is inevitably a major concern, with over half of all parents worrying about staying within budget when organising their annual get-away, with mum tending to fret more than dad over the finances. Despite the stresses and strains associated with holiday arrangements, just over nine out of 10 children believed that their parents were actually less stressed once they were on holiday.

Sibling rivalry

Parents might be less stressed on holiday because their children tend to fight less with each other. The survey highlights that almost half of the youngsters fight less with siblings when taking a vacation. Nearly half of all parents surveyed revealed that their children did not even fight at all while away. This does not translate as saying that siblings would ideally choose to go on holiday with each other, however. According to the survey, more youngsters would prefer to take their pet on holiday with them than their brother or sister.

Whether you are planning a holiday, buying timeshare or looking at selling a time share, the results of this survey prove that children certainly have a powerful say when it comes to vacation time.