If you bought your timeshare some years ago when the kids were little, once the children are grown up and have flown the nest you may decide the time has come to sell up.

Although a family friendly timeshare resort may no longer suit your requirements or needs, there are bound to be lots of other families just starting out that would be more than happy to enjoy the same experiences that you did. Promoting your property as family friendly on the resale of timeshares market may help to speed up the sale. Here are some things you could think about.

When promoting your timeshare as family friendly, list all of the features that would appeal to youngsters. Does the resort have a child’s pool or playground, for instance? Is there a beach nearby that has gently sloping shallow waters or a lifeguard? Are there many activities in the resort or hotel to keep youngsters entertained?

Think about aspects of the resort or hotel that would make life easier for parents of children as well. Is there a kids’ club or creche facility, so that parents can have some much-needed ‘me’ time during their stay? Is there a separate area for children to sleep in the apartment, room or studio so that parents can relax in the evening, watching TV for example?

We all know that children can have limited taste palettes and just because they are on holiday does not mean to say they will necessarily be any keener to sample local delicacies. If a resort offers a menu dedicated to children, this can be a selling point, so make sure to highlight this feature if you decide to put your property on the resale of timeshares market. Equally, are there many restaurants or cafes nearby that cater for children?

Think about what is in the immediate area that will appeal to families. If your resort is near to a popular theme park or visitor attraction, for example, it might be worth mentioning this in your advert promoting your timeshare.

Think about all of the things that attracted you to the family friendly resort in the first place. Do these same things still apply as unique selling points? Remember that when families go on holiday they are often looking for things that make life easier, so consider what features or facilities will simplify aspects for families on holiday. Many families also often do not stray far from the hotel or resort, preferring to spend sunny days around the pool, so when selling your timeshare mention positive references to the pool or the resort itself. A large pool with ample sunloungers, even in peak season, is a real positive feature for families for example, even if it is something that we might take for granted.

Once you start highlighting the key attributes of a family friendly resort, you should hopefully be able to target potential family holidaymakers looking to buy timeshare easier and quicker.