In the rush to sell timeshare quickly, many people fling themselves on the mercy of popular auction sites, hoping to offload their timeshare with minimum fuss. However, with so many people doing the same thing, the practice has quickly become a big no-no for anyone serious about selling their timeshare.

The Lemming Effect?

The lemming is a small, vole-like rodent, native to the Arctic. When groups of lemmings migrate, they do so in large groups. They follow the crowd wherever they go, even into danger, and sometimes to certain death. So, too, the humans who follow the crowd without thinking. Not to certain death, perhaps. However, succumbing to herd instinct is usually based on fear: we feel that, by following the crowd, we’re doing the right thing.

Unfortunately, although lemming-like behaviour is not rational, it is highly contagious and can tend to have a domino effect as well. Before too long there is a stampede and, very often, it is off the top of the cliff. We can see this happening now with desperate sellers turning to internet auction sites to resell their timeshare properties.

Keeping a cool head, and maintaining your own individual sense of judgement, assessing the situation before following in line, is undoubtedly the smarter move.

Keep Calm and Sell Timeshare Quickly!

In difficult economic times, many owners have found that they cannot afford to maintain their membership of a timeshare club, perhaps owing to financial hardship. With access to the internet now so widespread and with home computers readily used for both buying and selling, many timeshare owners have taken matters into their own hands and gone onto sites like eBay, offering their timeshares for as little as 99p.

When others see these prices they follow suit and the result quickly turns into a saturated market where there is no value whatsoever for the seller. Given that these contracts were initially taken out in good faith and within a proper legal framework, it is a crying shame that this method of selling timeshare quickly has become so commonplace, completely devaluing the process.

What’s the Alternative?

If you have a timeshare and you wish to sell it, you will do yourself a great disservice and add to the misery for other timeshare sellers by contributing to this downward spiral. Just as you did not set out to buy in the first instance without some advice and guidance (putting aside the fact it may have been a hard-sell), neither should you think that selling a timeshare is a matter for lemming-like fatalism.

Instead of following the herd over to eBay, take the time to research your options. Whilst selling your timeshare quickly may be important to you, it’s infinitely more important to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Not only that, but the paperwork involved in selling timeshare yourself can be time consuming and confusing to deal with. We’d advise discussing your sale with a reputable timeshare resale agent. Whilst some people are put off out of fear of falling victim to fraudsters, if you are sensible and do your research, you can easily avoid timeshare scams. In the long run, it’s worth getting the experts involved. After all, no one likes to sell themselves short.

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