I needn’t have worried. With the right advice and guidance from the experts I contacted, I was able to sell by timeshare without any problems at all.

When you think about it, being careful is the right way to proceed. No one wants to be ripped off. That’s a horrible feeling and is enough to put you off going for a timeshare property again. I don’t think it can be said too often: always do your homework and select your expert or agent with great care.

It’s always a good idea to sit down and read through the references left by others. This way you can pick up on certain areas that give cause for alarm.

This dreadful scamming done by horrible and unscrupulous individuals has really upset what should be a successful business.

Holidays are supposed to be for pleasure, so why allow scammers to detract from a successful and proven system? Forget all the bad press and believe in the good. We’ve always found timeshare a fun, safe way to have our annual holiday. Returning to a fun, familiar resort is always enjoyable.

Now we’ve sold our share and are looking for another property in a different resort. The process has been an eye-opener. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme by any means and you’ll find most of the people you talk to who have timeshares aren’t in it for that anyway.

No, most of us are normal people who want security each year in our choice of holiday and this is why timeshare is so successful. I advise anyone who asks to give it a try; sample the delights and freedom of the scheme.

At least we can benefit from the discount airfares that are so widely available! This makes the whole business much more affordable, which is always welcome.

Talking about cost, as timeshare is self-catering it enables us to pick and choose where and when we eat. We aren’t tied down to set mealtimes in busy and hectic dining rooms. We can buy from the local markets and shops, which is great fun in itself, or decide upon a nice restaurant and eat out. It needn’t be expensive, or to put it another way, it can be as expensive as we want it to be.

So, there you have the freedom of timeshare. I couldn’t recommend it enough!