The notion of timeshare as a somewhat fixed concept has been blown out of the water according to a new report on the industry. For any timeshare owners contemplating working with Sell My Timeshare, the report illustrates that timeshares are far more diverse in nature than many people might believe, which could make selling easier.

A diverse market

The Vacation Ownership (Timeshare) Industry Report: 2015 Edition published by market research leaders Research and Markets dismisses the idea that timeshare is solely run by private developers selling single weeks. Whilst this may have once been the case, the sector now includes numerous hospitality industry players, offering a wide range of timeshare options in different locations, to suit owners at every price point.

If you are looking to work with the experts at Sell My Timeshare, the diversity of the industry could help to open up potential resale opportunities that you may not have considered before.

Growth factors

In addition to increasing diversity, according to the report, the timeshare industry has experienced significant growth due to a range of factors. Occupancy rates, average daily rates and revenue per room have all contributed to growth, whilst a rise in the number of high net worth individuals and people in employment has seen a shift towards the trend in owning timeshare. The report also highlights that timeshare ownership has soared due to elevated demand for recreation and leisure, with even the advance in internet technology also serving as a positive influence.

Timeshare trends

According to data from the report, a number of trends have emerged that now characterise the timeshare industry. As consumer attitudes and desires change, more owners are seeking to buy into eco-friendly timeshare resorts, whilst there is a concurrent move away from hotel stays towards timeshare buying. The report highlights that there is strong competition in the timeshare market. Hotels and resorts are increasingly competing against each other in terms of their quality, location, services, facilities, and flexibility of ownership. This competition helps to drive standards of quality upwards, which can only be seen as a positive factor for anyone looking to buy or sell timeshare.

Leading players

It may come as little surprise to discover that some of the leading players in the timeshare industry are well-known global brands. Wyndham Worldwide Corporation is the top timeshare brand based upon revenues, number of owners and resorts, according to the report. Marriott International, Diamond Resorts International and Starwood Hotels are also dominant brands in today’s timeshare industry.

This report highlights that timeshare is a diverse, flourishing industry with high standards driven by competition. If you have decided to work with Sell My Timeshare, you can be assured of a reputable resale agency that can help you to capitalise on the opportunities available and the changing trends in this ever evolving sector.