2018 is here and it’s time for a fresh start for a fresh, new year!

Now the Christmas rush has passed and you’re ready to think practically about what needs to change this year, one of the things on your mind may be what to do with your timeshare.

Perhaps the time has come to move on and sell your timeshare to somebody who can enjoy it the way that you used to, or maybe you wish to consider some other options to make a change from the same old timeshare story.

  1. Timeshare Exchange

You could consider a timeshare exchange, which may be a legitimate part of your contract you are yet to explore. If your timeshare includes a good timeshare exchange programme, you may be able to experience a great resort in another destination this year, to bring a bit of excitement and novelty to your holiday plans. Find out more by contacting your timeshare company.

  1. Renting Your Timeshare

Timeshare rentals are permitted on some contracts, allowing you to advertise and rent out your timeshare week to another party if you’re unable to use your week this year. This could be someone you know or a stranger, though there is some risk involved if that stranger happens to damage the unit in some way. It can be a good option, but it bears some consideration.

  1. Selling Your Timeshare

If you’ve had enough and simply want to move on, then selling your timeshare may be the best option. Contact SellMyTimeshare.tv for advice about how to go about it. Be careful though, there are many fraudsters out there promising to sell timeshare for big money, only to leave you out of pocket and still stuck with the timeshare at the end of it. Also, avoid trying to sell your timeshare yourself on classified listings or auction sites, as you are likely to walk away with barely a few pounds in return. It’s not easy to sell timeshare for cash, but there may be other options that work out to far more in monetary terms.

  1. Consider Inheritance

If you are considering selling your timeshare because you are concerned about inheritance implications – i.e. whether your timeshare will pass on to your children after you pass on – seek advice from timeshare experts. Some timeshares will never be passed on, whereas others could be tricky. You may need some legal help to establish where you stand and what you can do about it.

  1. When something is wrong

If there is a problem with your timeshare, such as the quality of the resort having deteriorated, or fees being untenably high, then selling your timeshare directly may be tricky. In a situation where the timeshare does not come up to scratch, or is legally dubious, you’ll need a legitimate timeshare selling expert to help you find the best path towards breaking free. There may be other routes to selling your timeshare that are more suitable for your circumstances, and you need to know what these are before you proceed.

We hope that these five little nuggets of advice have been useful to you. If there’s any other aspect of your timeshare that you’re thinking about this new year, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whatever’s on your mind, we’ll be happy to help.