A recent study conducted by top timeshare vacation group Diamond Resorts International into the effects of taking a regular holiday on our health and happiness has produced some interesting findings.

The research concluded that holidays make us happier, healthier and improve our relationships. Of those surveyed, over three quarters of respondents who took a holiday at least once a year reported that they felt happy and content with their lives, in comparison to those who do not go anywhere.
Eight out of 10 respondents who take regular trips away, such as through time shares, claimed to have a great relationship with their partner, compared to just over half of the respondents who did not go away.

The survey also highlighted how taking a break can make you feel more energised and increase your zest for life. Almost three quarters of the surveyed participants who took a regular holiday agreed to this statement, compared to just a third of those who never take a break.

A regular holiday, whether through time shares, hotel city breaks, or day trips away from home, can also be a tonic for your health. Over half of those who took a holiday agreed and described their health as being either excellent or very good. Only 28% of people who never got away could describe their health in such a glowing way.

The study also concluded that a regular holiday can also make you feel more positive about your job. Some 71% of respondents who made sure they went on an annual vacation described feeling satisfied to very satisfied with their job, compared to just 46% who did not manage to get away.

The findings from the study show just how important a holiday is to every aspect of our wellbeing. In recent years, with many of us struggling to find the spare cash or spare time to get away, the idea of a holiday is often left by the wayside. Increasing numbers of workers are also not taking their annual leave entitlements because of heavy workloads and deadlines, meaning that they are just not getting the break that they could really do with.

Such increasing pressures has often lead to the notion that a holiday is a luxury rather than a necessity, yet what this research reiterates is just how important a holiday actually is. Crucially, a holiday can be many things to different people, and even with a limited budget, there are still options for getting away from it all for even a little while.