It has recently been reported that Italy has become one of the world’s first countries to have a beach designated for dogs. Situated about half an hour outside Rome, Bau Beach (meaning ‘woof’ in Italian) is a purpose-built resort that has canines in mind.
The beach stretches for around 7,000 metres and is said to accommodate over 100 dogs and their owners at a single time. There is a small fee that owners have to pay, but the pooches can expect some pretty impressive facilities. As well as having their own sun lounger, parasol, towel and water bowl, the dogs have access to a vet, lifeguards and a complimentary flea treatment. Showers are also on hand for when the dogs need a wash down after they have finished on the beach. Other amenities on Bau Beach include a dog-friendly charter boat company, an organic restaurant, bike hire and an adjoining, dog-friendly nature park.

There is also a screening process at the entrance to Bau Beach, where new dogs are given a quick check over before they are let loose on the sands. The dogs are encouraged to stay off their leads so they can frolic in the sea and have a good time.

With most beaches in Italy regarded as a dog-free zone, the news that a dog-friendly beach now exists is great news for families who like travelling, but do not want to leave their dog at home.

In Italy alone there are over six million registered dogs, and it is estimated, that in the USA, for example, about a fifth of people own a dog. The news that a beach such as Bau Beach has been created paves the way for more beaches of this type to exist in other destinations throughout the world.

As more of us consider a dog as an extension of our family, an increasing number of people will be seeking holidays where their pet can become integrated as part of the holiday.

As well as more dog-oriented beaches such as Bau Beach, it could also mean that more resorts offering time shares or long term stays start to meet this demand, and introduce more dog-friendly options for those wanting to stay at a particular resort.

Certainly, if you have time shares to sell in the region of Rome and Bau Beach, you may find that demand is high from dog owners, wanting to enjoy this new, canine-friendly beach facility!