The first step is a simple one: be patient! Many people desperately turn to auction sites in order to offload their unwanted timeshare as quickly as possible, often achieving such low prices that you may as well give it away. Just as finding the right buyer for a house can take a little time, so too can finding the right buyer for a timeshare. It is helpful if you make a list of the reasons why you wanted the timeshare in the first place, as this helps you to recognise the inherent value of it and so you’ll be reluctant to let it go for less than it’s actually worth.

The next step is to realise that, just as you would use an estate agent to help you sell your home, you should enlist the help of an expert timeshare resale company. There are many companies that claim to know just how to sell a timeshare, so you need to do your homework when selecting which to use. Immediately disregard any company that wants to charge you large, upfront fees. A good company will not need to do this and they will be open and transparent about any fees that are involved along the way.

Also look to see that the company adheres to the various legal obligations attached to timeshare in the European Union. This demonstrates that they are a legitimate company and that your timeshare resale is in good hands. Once you have decided to sign up with a company, let them use their expert knowledge to match you with potential buyers, just as you would an estate agent. They will advise you on the sort of return that you can expect, based on their knowledge of timeshare resales and the current state of the resale market. With a little patience and a lot of expert help, you could find yourself getting a reasonable price for your timeshare.