Maintaining a property full time is hard enough as it is, but when that property is a considerable distance away, the problems are exacerbated. Even a reputable agent who can oversee the chore of property maintenance on your behalf cannot remove all the worry, as you need to ensure that he is doing a good job and you have to pay him for his services.

Not one of these issues is a factor with timeshare ownership, as the property is available to you when it is your allocated time, but it is occupied in the meantime and is maintained by staff at the resort in which it is situated. As you do not own the property outright, you do not have to worry about local property or tax laws. Furthermore, you have the security of knowing that you will be able to travel at the time you want, to the place you want, every year for as long as you own the timeshare. If you want to try somewhere new, you can deposit your weeks into an exchange system and head off to pastures new.

Still, for many there comes a time when they want to cancel timeshare arrangements and either buy a property outright or go back to booking ‘traditional’ holidays each year. In such instances, care needs to be taken that the sale of the timeshare is dealt with correctly and that the right price is achieved. It is not as difficult to cancel timeshare holidays as some people make out. Just ensure that you deal with a reputable company that is not going to charge extortionate upfront fees. Also make sure that the company knows how to secure a buyer within a reasonable amount of time.