Buying a timeshare is a big consideration. It’s a long-term opportunity, so you will want to ensure you make the right choice. The internet has made it easier to find out candid facts about hotels and resorts, and one of the most popular resources, TripAdvisor, is used by many people prior to holiday decision-making. In order to get the most out of TripAdvisor, it pays to know how to use it effectively.

Negative Reviews

No matter how great a hotel or resort is, there is bound to be a few negative reviews lurking around. Whilst it is important to read through poor reviews, you also need to try to put comments into context. Since everyone has different views, values and standards, what one person dislikes another person may be happy with, so don’t base any decisions purely on the odd negative review. Obviously, if there is a recurring theme amongst negative reviews, this is something to bear in mind. Cultural differences can also influence opinions, so look to see where the reviewer is from.


When a hotel provides feedback to a review, this is often a good sign of customer service, especially if there was a satisfactory explanation of or resolution to any negative comments. Providing feedback to reviews shows that a hotel cares about its reputation.

Like for Like Comparison

If you are thinking of buying a timeshare for a week in the summer holidays, look at reviews on TripAdvisor that compare the same time period. If you read reviews from a different period, such as out-of-season, some of the issues raised by reviewers may not be relevant to when you are planning on being there.

Use Filters

TripAdvisor lets you use filters so that you can narrow down the reviews based on those that relate to you or your circumstances most. By using filters, you can look at the reviews based on ratings and times of the year, as well as for different types of traveller, such as families, couples or solo travellers. The rating summary indicator is a good way to get an overall view of the different aspects of a hotel, such as location, service and value.


It is true that pictures speak much louder than words, but when you look at professional snaps taken to market a hotel or resort, they may have been enhanced and will almost certainly only feature the very best bits. On TripAdvisor you have the chance to view photos taken by reviewers, and taking a peek at these can give you a more realistic snapshot than any holiday brochure.

Ask a Question

If there is anything specific you want to query, especially if a review relates to a timeshare at a particular hotel, TripAdvisor gives you the option to ask a question of the reviewer. Getting as much impartial information as possible can help in your decision-making process.