The most common pre-conceived notion of timeshare is that it involves having to holiday at the same time every year, in the same accommodation. This outdated image may put people off timeshare, which is a pity because, in actual fact, it could prove to be an arrangement that really suits many of those who don’t fully understand what timeshare is all about.

To demonstrate that timeshare holidays are not a set-in-stone concept, this is what you could be doing as a timeshare owner:

You may choose to spend holidays at a traditional, beach side resort, with all the amenities that cater for you and your family, to create the ideal vacation. Your timeshare accommodation could be in a hotel or an apartment.

For your next holiday, you might want something a bit special. Perhaps there is a wedding anniversary coming up or other reason to celebrate, so you could use saved timeshare points to upgrade to a luxury hotel in a far-flung destination.

Maybe you have always fancied the idea of trying skiing, but never taken the plunge before now, or you want a change from a beach holiday. With a timeshare, you can exchange your weeks or resort to try something different, at a different time of year and in a completely new location.

There may come a year when you are too busy to take a holiday. Maybe you are moving house or are expecting a new addition to the family, for instance. You can save up your unused timeshare points for another time, or take a series of shorter breaks, instead. You might even be really generous and offer your timeshare allocation to friends and family that year or rent it out.

If you are in need of some relaxation and pampering, then you might decide to exchange your timeshare ownership for a stay at a spa complex, where you can make use of great facilities and wellbeing treatment programmes.

If you want a more active holiday on another occasion, however, then an increasing number of golf resorts are popping up that offer timeshare facilities, and are part of a wide vacation exchange network.

Maybe all of your friends have started going on cruises, and you quite like the idea of trying this out. With timeshare, this is also a feasible option.

Finally, after many years of great timeshare holidays at lots of different locations, you may decide that timeshare no longer suits your needs or purposes. That’s fine, because you then have the option to sell. Lots of owners have gone on to successfully complete a timeshare resale, so far from being a ‘fixed holiday’ concept that you are stuck with, it can offer as much flexibility and choice as any other type of holiday experience.