There are many different terms and concepts associated with timeshares, and timeshare points is just one of them. A timeshare point system is just, however, another way to take part in the timeshare industry. One of main benefits of a points based system is that it can provide much greater flexibility to the owner.

Many resorts and hotels have a points or club system where its weeks are valued by points. Every year, timeshare owners are given an allotted number of points. You can save your points for up to two years, normally. You can also buy points outright. If you do not use your points in one year, they can be saved for the next year, although you will still need to pay maintenance on the week that you own. In some cases, you might also be able to borrow points.

Unlike the traditional timeshare system, where you own a week at a particular resort at a particular time of year, you can use your timeshare points at different resorts, based on their value, as and when it suits you. With points, you also have the option to holiday more than once per year, if you have enough saved up.

How the value of the points is scored depends on a number of things. Factors such as time of year, popularity of resort, size of room and the days of the week influence the value of the points required. For instance, you can expect to pay more points during high season, compared to low season. Where you might use points to pay for one week in school holidays, you could opt for three or four holidays out of season, instead. You may pay less points also if there are any last minute discounts to be had. The benefits of a points system is that you can change your vacation plans each year to suit your varying needs, although it is still a wise idea to book as early as you can.

Timeshare points can also be used for more than just resort stays. They can also be used for buying airline tickets, car hire and even cruises. A points brochure issued by the resort usually indicates how much each aspect of your holiday is worth in point values.

As with selling a traditional timeshare, selling timeshare points is also a completely feasible option. Selling timeshare points can be an attractive proposition in the timeshare trade. For purchasers who are looking for a flexible timeshare arrangement, they can be ideal.