If you are looking to sell your timeshare quickly then it can be a frustrating experience if it seems to be taking longer than you had hoped for. There are lots of factors that can influence the market governing resale of timeshares, but there is also plenty that you can do to speed the process up a bit. Making your property a much more attractive proposition to potential buyers is one strategy to consider.

If the timeshare you are hoping to sell faces competition from other units or properties in the area, then it will be more important than ever to make sure that yours stands out from the crowd. An expert timeshare broker or agency experienced in the resale of timeshares is often your first port of call, but you can also help to boost the appeal of your property by thinking about the kinds of aspects it enjoys, which potential buyers would find of interest.

Has the property or resort won any industry awards or gained recognition for a specific feature in recent times, for example? This can help reveal a sign of quality or prestige, which is an attractive facet for a timeshare property to have to its name. Consider what makes the resort stand out compared to its competitors. Does it offer specific services, such as wellbeing facilities or a top-notch golf course, for example, or maybe first-class dining rustled up by award-winning chefs? Maybe the location gives it unique or added appeal. Do not just consider how close it is to the beach or the views, but factors such as accessibility to shops, public transport or the airport all prove favourable when you are trying to sell your timeshare as swiftly as possible.

Try to think about what it was that attracted you to the timeshare resort in the first place. Do these features still apply? Maybe they are more enhanced now! Consider what sorts of people the hotel or resort appeals to most and highlight this aspect when you are trying to market the timeshare. If you are trying to appeal to families, for instance, mention child-friendly facilities such as a kids club or dedicated pool and splash slides for youngsters, entertainment options, children’s food menus or things to do locally that families will appreciate.

Take a look at some of the timeshare adverts placed by competitors and see what makes them seem appealing in comparison to others. Look at ways of making your advert stick out, and find avenues for marketing your timeshare that are not saturated with competition. If you try to take a novel approach to the marketing of your timeshare, while also highlighting its top features, it can go a long way towards improving your prospects of achieving a quick sale.