Technology advances quickly, and as innovations occur and become widespread, our travel choices and preferences change accordingly. From the way in which we book our holidays, to the services that travel providers and timeshare resorts offer (and indeed what we expect when we arrive at our destination), here are some of the top technological trends that will influence our travel choices this year and beyond.

Wi-Fi connected

Although switching off mobile devices when on holiday might be an ideal for many, the reality is somewhat different. It appears that having reliable, free internet access is as essential for many holidaymakers as having a comfortable bed in which to sleep. In fact, research has shown that over 60 per cent of travellers agree that when it comes to choosing a hotel, destination or visitor attraction, having Wi-Fi access is critical. Timeshare resorts and hotels that are not yet Wi-Fi connected may be forced to reconsider their internet accessibility, if they want to attract visitors this year.


Many resorts and destinations are focusing on digitalisation solutions to attract visitors, and this trend is likely to increase in the near future. In addition to making use of smartphone apps to provide information, online games are being developed to enhance the travel experience. Many destinations are installing beacons using Bluetooth connectivity in order to offer visitors information relevant to their current location.

Personalised services

Technology doesn’t just provide more information and location-specific data to travellers, but it’s becoming much more personalised in its approach. Industry analysts are increasingly suggesting that holidaymakers and timeshare owners will be able to enjoy more personalised services that will enhance their travel experience.

As an example, the TripAdvisor Apple Watch app can provide notifications regarding the best restaurants or attractions nearby, with tailoring services to an owner’s personal tastes next on the agenda. Google Now is pushing forward to provide pre-emptive personalised information and suggestions, based upon an individual’s previous behaviour or preferences.

Travel technology

Airlines continue to compete against each other in order to exploit the latest innovations in creating a holiday experience that begins when a passenger steps on board the aircraft, and technology will continue to shape air travel. We are already seeing the introduction of live TV, seat-to-seat chat systems and Wi-Fi in cabins, but innovations such as a charging pad and tablet holder alongside a tray table are likely to become more commonplace in future. Tracking technology, whether keeping an eye on unaccompanied minors or luggage, will also evolve, whilst compression technology may also be used to fit more personal items into less space.

Bleisure travel

Business and leisure travel is becoming blurred, thanks to advances in technology, with ‘bleisure’ travel an increasing phenomenon. Timeshare owners with a fixed week and a mounting pile of work should still be able to enjoy their holiday, mixing business and pleasure at the same time.