It is a well-known fact that, as with other industries, there are sadly people operating in the timeshare market who do not always have the consumer’s best interests at heart. It is not always easy to spot a scammer, and they often use incredibly clever and convincing tactics to reel unsuspecting people in.
One of the biggest ways you can avoid dealing with a scammer is to be wary of certain key phrases or words they might use in their ploy to get you to part with your hard-earned cash. If you have said to yourself, now is the time to sell my timeshare, then get clued up on the phrases that could set your alarm bells ringing.

If you hear the words ‘we can sell your timeshare quickly’ then be cautious. There is no guarantee that any timeshare can be sold quickly, so do not rely on convincing arguments such as these when choosing a company to help with your resale.

If you are told ‘it is really easy to sell timeshare’, then do not necessarily take the person’s word for it. It is certainly true that if you deal with a reputable resale organisation, they can take a lot of the hard work out of the process for you, and make it much easier. You should, however, not be fooled into thinking it is completely without any pitfalls. Always ask the organisation you are dealing with, what is involved in the process and get them to talk through with you every step. Get everything clarified in writing so that you know where you stand.

One phrase that should certainly set your scammer radar off is if you are told ‘there are loads of buyers waiting to snap up your timeshare property’. For anyone eager to sell, this sentence is utterly alluring, but you should proceed with caution. Do not let this sway you into making a decision to use a particular organisation to sell your timeshare. The reality is there is usually more people trying to sell at any one time than there is those looking to buy.

Any words spoken with regards to money can often reveal the true scammers, but you still have to be careful as they can be quite cunning in their tactics. Certainly, if you hear something such as ‘we can get a great selling price for you’, or ‘ you’ll make a great profit’, then hang fire. The reality is, you do not always make a massive profit on a timeshare resale, so you need to be realistic about that. A good and reputable company will endeavour to get you the best sale price, however, but a scammer is not motivated by helping you reap any profits.

Another key phrase to watch out for is akin to ‘we just need a small fee from you before we can sell your timeshare’. No company should be asking you for any upfront fees or payment before a sale is made, so if you hear this phrase then politely say ‘thanks, but no thanks’, and walk away.