This is not a money-making idea; it is designed to raise awareness of the great opportunities that timeshare can provide and to go some way towards dispelling the long perpetuated myth that selling timeshare is only done by unscrupulous companies that want to make a fast buck. The idea is that all those who are involved in timeshare in any capacity do their best on November 1st to spread good news about the industry.

Any means of spreading the news is great, be it word of mouth, blogging, Facebook or Twitter. Ms Schreier has given the scheme its very own hashtag for use on Twitter in an attempt to get it trending. Tweets about timeshare should be followed by #YES2TIMESHARE. Anybody who has some good news about timeshare should do their best to get it out there on this day.

The Timeshare Crusader has a job on her hands. Although many of the negative stories that appear in the media are petty and almost always unfounded, there is a steady drip of these stories that serves to undermine all the good that timeshare owners enjoy. She also works hard on the behalf of those who are thinking of selling timeshare, making sure that they know which companies to trust and helping them avoid scammers.

The negative reputation of timeshare is no longer deserved. There are many excellent resort managers, companies selling timeshare and owners who work hard to make the timeshare experience a positive one for everyone involved. Those in the know are familiar with the wonderful choice of location, the high quality of accommodation and the friendliness of those who work in the industry. November 1st is the day to let the rest of the world in on the secret.