When asking the question, ‘how do I sell my timeshare?’, the first and most important thing to consider is price. You must first accept that you will typically get only 30% to 50% of the price that you originally paid, even if your timeshare is a good-sized property with flexible weeks. You need to be aware of this when setting the asking price, as it is this that will initially attract buyers. As with a residential home sale, an overpriced timeshare will fail to garner much interest, whereas a well-priced timeshare may give you a choice of buyers.

Understand your ownership

Knowing exactly what you own may seem like a strange thing to suggest, but the truth is that may people do not understand the difference between right to use and a deeded ownership, for example. It is hard to market your property without this understanding, as if you do not know what you are selling, how can a buyer know what they are expected to buy? Find all the relevant documents that you need for your sale and ensure that you have answers to hand for any potential questions that a buyer may ask. Being ready with the information will help engender trust with your buyer.

Seek help

Be wary of anyone who offers you a deal that looks too good to be true. The best way to avoid a negative experience is to seek the help of a reputable company that can guide you through the timeshare sales process and which will protect you from scam artists. Ensure that the company you choose to sell through is a member of the Direct Marketing Association and that it complies with all relevant EU timeshare legislation. A little time spent researching the company you are considering dealing with will enable you to gather all the information that you need to sell your timeshare in a timely manner, whilst maximising the price achieved and minimising the stress involved.