When I decided that I wanted to sell my timeshare, I was initially worried about the bed press that certain bogus companies created. I was equally worried that this negative press would mean potential buyers would be put off. I needn’t have been concerned. I took my time, spoke to other sellers about their experiences and I did my research.

As with most timeshare sellers, the reason I wanted to sell my timeshare was not because I didn’t like the resort any more. My family had outgrown the apartment that we had, making it no longer practical. The resort itself was beyond criticism. The other owners were friendly, the service team was very helpful and the resort itself was scrupulously maintained. Despite my good experience of timeshare, I knew that I would face negative feedback from those who had bad experiences themselves with buying or selling.

Nevertheless, I can honestly say that the sale went through without a hitch. The sales team was experienced in this sort of transaction and knew how to market my timeshare. Helpful members of staff kept me up to date with the whole process and made sure that I was happy along every step of the way. Their professional manner was equally appreciated by the family who bought my timeshare. Unusually, this was their first experience of timeshare holidays; most of the time, other owners buy and sell amongst themselves.

I was very happy to go through this company, as it took care of all the necessary paperwork and guided both me and my buyers through the whole process. I was pleased that my experience of owning a timeshare ended in the same way as it began: untroubled.