For any country pondering how to improve timeshare experiences, tapping into new markets and tourism sectors can be crucial to providing something unique that will appeal to holidaymakers and timeshare owners in particular.

The Growth of Wine Tourism in India

In recent times, wine tourism has started to become a burgeoning sector in India. With more relaxed laws relating to alcohol and ideal climatic conditions to cultivate grapes, vineyards are starting to pop up all over the country. The associated infrastructure to accommodate wine tourists, including hotels, restaurants, spas and wine trails, is slowly but surely following suit. These are key components when looking at how to improve timeshare holidays in India.

Although India may not yet compete with the well-known wine tourism destinations of California and France, wine-making is by no means new to the country. With a history dating back over 5,000 years, India may well be one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world, even if it seems to have kept quiet about it. Some even argue that India boasts some of the best vineyards in the world, proving just how great the potential is for the country’s blossoming wine tourism sector.

There are currently around 90 wine growers in India, with about 80% of the market dominated by just a few main players. But as India starts to make a name for itself amongst discerning wine connoisseurs looking for a different wine tourism experience, this could well change. Investment in technology is also making the wine-production process easier, opening up opportunities for other growers to become a part of this emerging sector.

Currently, the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka are the favoured destinations for wine tourism. The Nandi Hills close to Bangalore is a prominent wine-producing region, with one of the most established vineyards situated in a former British colonial hill station. Around 100 miles from Mumbai, Nashik in the Western Ghats mountain range is considered to be India’s Napa Valley equivalent. There are several vineyards in this region, with many already offering upmarket accommodation and wine tours. One particular vineyard in Karnataka, the Alpine Wineries, has been influenced by French wine-making traditions, and experts have even declared it the most technologically advanced winery in the whole of Asia.

As India looks at ways how to improve timeshare holidays in the country, there is a good chance that wine tourism will feature in the development of this sector. Whether as a standalone holiday experience or in combination with a city or cultural break, wine tourism is likely to attract increasing numbers of visitors and timeshare owners to this vibrant and varied destination.