It is also true that the better the area in which your timeshare is based, the better your choice and this also works for the desirability of the dates that you are able to go. Nevertheless, it is usually possible to find an area in which you would like to stay; even if you do not have a lot of choice, sometimes it is good to step away from what you would normally choose.

For those who decide that they simply want to leave the timeshare club, RCI resales are not the only options. The trick is always knowing where to look and not to get pulled into the trap of feeling that you have to let your timeshare go at a ridiculously low price. As with selling other types of property, there are specialists available who know how to attract the right sort of buyer on your behalf and know too how to price your timeshare in order to be attractive to buyers without practically giving it away.

If you do choose to sell your timeshare through a specialist resale company, the staff should be happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions that you might have. Be wary if you are asked to pay large fees upfront, as most reputable companies employ a transparent pricing system that does not require you to part with your cash as soon as you sign on the dotted line.