This is great news for the industry in general and for anyone thinking of selling timeshare in particular. The report also reflected the changing face of timeshare sales, with more emphasis now being placed on shorter-term products. This trend towards limited products that come with an existing exit strategy in place comes because of a change in the typical timeshare buyer. More and more young families want the security and reliability that comes with owing timeshare, but would like the option to move on after 5 or 10 years, once their needs have changed. It’s very good news that the industry has proved capable of changing in order to meet the needs of this new generation of owners.

A younger generation of timeshare owners is a real bonus for the industry. In order to keep resorts alive, new people need to be made aware of the advantages that timeshare can provide. With negative press hogging more tabloid column inches than positive news about selling timeshare, this report shows that people are not necessarily swayed by all the scaremongering and false reports that have beset the industry in the past.

Buyers who are new to the industry will also help to make the positive aspects of timeshare ownership better known among others who are similarly unfamiliar with the industry. Bloggers and social network users who have good experiences with timeshare can help spread the good news. This will further improve the public face of timeshare, thus helping shake off outdated negative views.

People thinking of selling timeshare will welcome any indication that sales are on the rise, but should still exercise caution when choosing an agency to help them. There are still a few ‘sharks’ in the industry who will take advantage of people, so care should always be taken to only deal with an agency that has membership of the Direct Marketing Association and which complies with relevant EU legislation. This will help ensure that the sale goes through smoothly and that the experience is good for both the seller and buyer.